how to Start your online business

How to start an Online Business

So you’re ready to learn as how to start an online business, but not sure where to start? Here’s the step-by-step process to follow

Make sure you have a viable business

So you’ve got a hobby that you’re really, specialized at how to start an online business. You’re keen on doing it, everyone else seems to like you doing it. You’d wish to see if it’s viable as a business. Maybe your friends are telling you for years to show your hobby into a business. Or you’ve noticed there’s a niche within the marketplace for a product or service a bit like the one you’ve created. Here’s the way to turn your side hustle into a business.

Find the right domain name

Find the right domain name

Your domain name is usually your customer’s first interaction together with your brand. To start an online business if the domain doesn’t match your brand, or if a brand only features a Facebook page and not a web site, it lacks credibility. Here’s the way to find the proper domain name.

Get your business online

We all know running a little business are often very rewarding, but it’s also a posh and time-consuming job. Fortunately, creating a web site is one aspect that doesn’t need to fret your resources. Take a glance at the way to build a little business website in minutes.

Turn your business into an online store

Starting a web store could appear like an intimidating process. But the barrier to entry for becoming an internet retailer is truly quite low. That’s because e-commerce platforms enable you to quickly and simply originated shop on the net – even though you’ve never done it before. There’s never been a more robust time to open an internet store – here’s all you would like to understand to induce started.

Choose the right hosting provider – and platform

choose the right hosting provider

Maybe you’ve heard of WordPress: it’s a free, open source and extremely popular website building platform. What people often forget to inform you is that to run a WordPress website, you would like to host it somewhere. Here’s why you would like web hosting, what proportion it can cost and the way to create the proper web hosting choice for your business.

And finally… Grow your e-commerce store

Once your online business has been up and running for a few time you’ll be able to get trapped within the monotony of the day-to-day running of the business. Here are some simple suggestions to inspire you to require action to grow and scale your store.

What Are The Most Important Principles Of Web Designing

A well designed website must meets both aspect visual appeal and inner functional usability. As visitors judge a website on how does it work and then how does it look. Lacking in any element may lead to website unattractive.

There are the 9 basic principles of web designing to make website attractive. If these rules properly followed. Then website build ability to make the website users friendly, effective, and engaging.

1. Purpose

Well designed web designs always serve right material related to the needs of users.  Make sure that website organized in a proper way. In case of general and each page, understand and combine users’ needs with your own purpose. In order to create a good impact with the visitors.

2. Communication & Load Time

communication in web design

As everybody wants to save the most of their time from unnecessary standstills. All visitors hate a website that takes too long time to load. All visitors want speedy and plain information.

There are some effective tips to optimize site communication & load time:

  • Organize information using headlines and sub-headlines.
  • Use bullet points instead of long sentence.
  • Optimize image sizes (size and scale).
  • Reduce HTTP requests by combining code into a central CSS or JavaScript file.
  • Compress HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to speed up their load time.

3. Typefaces:

fonts importance in web design

Generally Sans Serif fonts such as Arial and The Times are easier and more suitable for online reading. Sans Serif fonts are modern looking fonts without decorative finishes.

The ideal font size for easy online reading is 16px. The web should be applied just maximum 3 typefaces in a maximum of 3 point sizes to keep your design streamlined.

4. Colors

A nice-arranged color not only represents the appearance of your own brand but also enhancing user experience in the long run. So, considering carefully and choosing it well.

Some tips are:

  • Complementary colors bring balance and harmony. So using contrasting colors for the text and background  will highlight specific content and make reading easier.
  • Vibrant colors attract attention and bring up emotion. So  use them sparingly (e.g. for buttons and call to actions).
  • White space/negative give website an up-to-date and uncluttered look.

5. Images

images in web design

Choose the proper images for your website that bring a great support for brand positioning and connecting with your target audience. Also consider graphics, infographics, and videos because these media can be much more effective at communicating than even the most well-written piece of text.

6. Navigation

It is about how easily people could take action and move around your website. Some tips to make your website an effectively navigational are:

  • A logical page hierarchy.
  • Using breadcrumbs.
  • Design clickable buttons and following the ‘three-click rule’. It means visitors are able to find whatsoever information they are looking for within three clicks.

7. GRID-BASED Layouts

layout decision in web designing

Besides organizing web purposely, it’s also crucial that the content of web be placed in a neat order. Use grid-based layouts to arrange content into boxes, sections, and columns. Make the content looks lined up, tidy and balanced. This will create a very better users experience.

If content place randomly on the surface of web pages can potentially make the appearance of whole website look like a haphazard homeless man.

8. “F” Pattern Designs:

Eye tracking studies prove that people scan computer screens in an “F” pattern. The first and the most of what people see is at the top and left of the screen. Thus the right part of the screen is rarely seen.

Instead of trying to adjust the viewer’s visual flow, efficiently designed websites will work displaying information in the important order of “F” pattern (left to right, top to bottom).

9. Mobile Friendly

responsive an important principles of web designing

As over 50% of online visitors use their phone/tablet to surf web.So it is essential to make website  be mobile friendly. Build website as a responsive layout which is completely able to adjust to different screen widths.

To give extra attractive look to website also consider to build a dedicated mobile site. It’s a separated version of web specifically optimized just for mobile users.

Keep these design principles in  mind and combine them with own accomplished designing skill while designing website.

Psychology Of Color In Web Designing

Color influenced mind reaction while view websites. Studies also proves that psychology of color influence our mood. As when we view on color, eye send signal to hypothalamus (part of brain). Hypothalamus further send this signal to pituitary gland and to thyroid gland. In this way our mood influenced by color. As psychology of color in web designing matters.

Web designer used color have potential to impress viewers in designing websites to make website more impact. Studies also shows color psychology influenced  individual’s perception. In website designing it’s not the color that make impact but it’s about how appropriate color used in website designing. So, web designer must have a knowledge how color works and how they impact on viewers.

Meaning Of Colors in Web designing

Psychology of color in web designing
Each color has different meaning as well as meaning of each vary from culture to culture. In order to avoid misunderstanding website designer understand the meaning of each color among different culture.


In western culture red color symbolize as danger, hot, blood. While in Asian culture red represented as fear, power, purity, love and beauty. In china red color symbolized as luck, happiness and long life. In website designing red color used to draw attention to critical element.


In western countries it is a masculine color and represent as the birth of a baby boy. Western people taken it as sign of sad and down. While in china represent as the birth of a baby girl. In web designing dark blue used in business designs. And light blue used in social websites.


It represents a sign of energy and warmth. In order to give an impression of happiness and cheerful view orange used. It also used for designing websites concerning children.


In western culture green is considered as a sign of money, greed, jealousy, inexperience. Asian culture considered green color as a symbol of new beginning, eternal life, youth, health and prosperity. In web designing green used to represent harmony and balance in a design. And darker shades of green color are used to represent stability and affluence.


In china yellow taken as a symbol of pornography. African people considered it as a high rank as it is closely match with a gold. In web designing used to give happiness and cheerful look to websites. To give a look of antiquity dark shades of yellow used in web designing.


Purple represent a symbol of dignity, abundance, creativity. To give luxury look to website dark shades of purple used. While light shades used to give romantic look to website.

Determining Color Schemes

Determining color schemes
Using colors in web designing web designer must have a knowledge about mixing of color which attract viewers and are appropriate in a particular culture. In order to know about this web designer must understand these three method. And used one of them while designing websites.


It is the basic method using colors vibrancy and complementation. In this method 12 step color wheel used and select 3 colors from wheel located 120 degrees from one another for background.


This method used 4 colors (2 contrasting pair and 2 complementary pair) from wheel. Contrasting color located near to each other while complementary color are located far from each other. But this method need experience for being perfect.


This method focuses only on complementary colors. The chosen color may exaggerate. And user will choose according to background color.

In web designing 3 sections have property to impress viewers if they are properly designed and use color that attract viewers.


Background color is the important part in designing. It has the property to either impress viewers or to give just a normal view. So, background needs more care and attention to choose color for making website impressive. As background color of any website is only a part that look first. If it properly chooses left the positive impact on viewers mind and get positive remarks.

Text Color

Use color of text that properly matched with background as well as prominent. As it’s text that attract users. If text color is mixed with background result to get negative feedback. That’s too important in psychology of color.


Button colors across the website blend with background color not in a sense to properly mixed with background but in such a way to serve their own purpose as well as also looks as a part of background:

Tools That Help To Choose Color

Tools for color
There are several tools that helps web designers to choose right color such as

  • Adobe Color CC: Trusted provider for all Adobe users.
  • Paletton: Simple color picker for beginners.
  • Flat UI Color Picker: For creating colorful flat design.
  • Mud cube Color Sphere: for theme selection and offer HEX numbers.


As we discussed psychology of color. Color play an important role in mind for making concept. So, the color used in website designing must match with the brand in this way making a good impact to viewers and get positive feedback. so, web designers must choose color according to the demand of brand or website for getting positive result. Contact us now for some consultation.

What is Responsive Web Design and How to use it

How responsive web design works

Now a days ever client wants mobile version of their website which is responsive design. Its because of excessive use of mobile devices. There are different brands of mobiles in market. Like iPhone, Blackberry, Android, iPad, Notebook etc. All of them operate in different resolutions mostly. So, its essential for us to provide good responsive web design for them. Which may work among all of them flawlessly. Because rapid advancement in mobile technology is never going to stop. So, we need solution for it.

Responsive is solution to it. Ever client wants it because of its need. As there are huge number of resolutions for different devices. So, it’s almost impossible to design elements for all of them separately.

So, what is solution to it?

Solution to it is responsive web design. Which may work equally in all those devices or any new upcoming devices accordingly. By changing itself in such a way that user can easily understand elements. Without seeing disturbance in their view.

So, what is Responsive Web Design?

What is responsive web design

Responsive design is basically a design which may respond t user behavior and environment based on user’s screen size, orientation and platform. Like it may adjust itself automatically on all screen resolution to deliver what looks best. Even on rotation of devices like flipping etc. If it does that all well then, it’s a responsive web design.

We can get that by using flexible grids and layouts, images, using CSS intelligently and by using media quires. The purpose to all this is if user switches form devices he shouldn’t get bad design. He should have a perfect design based upon his device. Now a days lot of opensource toolkits available to achieve this. Most famous among them is bootstrap.

The purpose of responsive design is to respond automatically to the user’s performance. As that should fix it automatically for any new device in market based upon its resolution. Today in this article we will discuss some of strategies for beginners which may help them to get a responsive design.

Basically, responsive web design is a collection of techniques and ideas. We can further define them by categorizing important aspects of them.

Fluid Grids in design

Fluid Grid Design

Fluid grids are the first and most important aspect of responsive design. There are two basic layouts in design. One is Fluid Grid while the other is liquid layout. Liquid layout expands with the page and its not too popular. While in fluid it is designed based upon proportions. As when user layout shrinks in different devices. With to all elements get adjusted accordingly related to each other automatically by resizing their width.

Simple formula to gain proportions for each page element is to divide the target element by its context. Fluid grids are very important part for creating a responsive web design. But they doesn’t fix all of our issues. We still need to cover up huge number of issues to create a responsive design for multiple devices. Sometimes fluid designs is not going to work on small design but we can cover that issue in next section of our article.

Media Queries in CSS

Media Queries in Design

Solution to fixing issues which are left after Fluid design is media queries. What media queries are basically they are part of CSS3. Almost all of modern browsers do support CSS3 and its media queries. As browsers get data about visitor and look for our queries in CSS. Then apply that accordingly. If user change its browsers width then browser automatically detects that and look for current resolution query in our CSS and fallback to that.

That’s how media queries basically works. If we move deep into them then simple way to define them in CSS3 is give below:

@media screen and (min-width: size in pixel){
// CSS elements for that size

The above given is an example of media query which will apply for min width given in pixels there. Mean it will look for browser width in minimum aspect. As it will apply that query only if minimum size of that browser is greater or equal to size present in that query.

@media screen and (max-width: size in pixel){
// CSS elements for that size

Then we have max width query which will do same for max size. Mean it will apply only if browser size is lesser then or equal to size given in that query. Same like that we can perform and define different queries using those media queries which can refine our design in great way. Some of well known sizes which are used for different devices are given below:

  • 320px
  • 480px
  • 600px
  • 768px
  • 900px
  • 1200px

The above given sizes are some of famous sizes which are used for media queries. Most of opensource tool-kits like Bootstrap etc use them already. And allow us to use their CSS classes for our ease. By spending some efforts and using above give two basic strategies for responsive web design we can create a great responsive website. You can see responsive design in action by simply resizing your browser and making its width greater and lesser on our site. Or on any famous site.


Once again, I will say responsive web design has great importance now a days. Never miss any part of it as even search engines like Google, Bing look for responsive designs and favor them. So it matters if you have responsive design for your website.

Hope you understood after reading this article as what is responsive web design? And what are simple ways to achieve it. Feel free to ask any questions about it in comments or using contact form.

How to Fix Outdated Visual Design

Web is an old industry now as it started decades ago. So considering that fact we know most of us are using old version of our website. Created years ago. And doesn’t meet current market competition. What should we do. As how we should fix our outdated visual design. Or how should we fix poor visual design? Those are common questions now a days for companies who have poor visual design or outdated visual design. Lets move forwards towards how to fix outdated visual design.

Fix Typography of poor visual design

Fixing typography as that should be your first priority. Fixing typography will fix most of your issues and even newbie can do it. Make use of good fonts, with that sometimes you may need to clear your old typography with paragraph modification.

Use good list styles by modifying CSS for it. That might be little tricky for you but it will have huge impact. Make your content user friendly. As we have seen in old trends of huge paragraphs which makes users hard to read it. Use short paragraphs with that easy to read sentences. Don’t use too much joining sentences avoid that.

Make proof reading again and again and make sure its easy to read for you. If your typography is in natural flow then you are progressing forward for fixing poor visual design or outdated visual design.

Fix White Space of poor visual design

Fixing white space is also another important aspect of improving poor visual design. Or in step to fix outdated visual design. As in old trends paragraphs used to be narrow lined and closed to each other. Which used to make hard for users to read those. While now a days we can improve those easily.

Add more spacing between paragraphs as those will make content look good. Crop images to make sure we are not using oversized images. Make sure there is plenty of gap between images and content. All paragraphs, lists, quotes should be equally spaced and good looking.

By following those simple steps above we can easily improve Text related issues of poor visual design or outdated visual design.

Fix Poor Images of poor visual design

Next step is to fix poor images of your poor visual design or outdated visual design. As we know tech of photography and illustration. Use up to date images to help users better understand your content. As a single image could speak thousand words. So make sure you are using better quality and up to requirement images.

Remove all bad images from your website and add their alternative. There is huge stock of images available online now a days. Both free and paid. You can choose images from those depending upon your need. Once you will fix poor images of your poor visual design or outdated visual design you would be one more step closer to your goal.

Fix Color Palette of poor visual design

Color is very important aspect of any visual design. As color could make or break visual design. Choose up to date colors. You can use examples from any up to date website. Which is using recent trends.

Plan a proper color scheme which you want to use. Make sure you are using your primary color as focused color. As your primary color should always be prominent. Once you update your color scheme your website will look greater. As this will make it good looking and will improve your poor visual design or outdated visual design.

Be Honest about your services

Being honest now a days is too important. Make sure you are describing everything you are selling or trying to say are well organized and are easy to understand. Your websites visual behavior and typography should show all those easy to understand for your users.

So by following those simple steps you can easily improve your website and could fix poor visual design or outdated visual design. Once its fixed you will get better traffic as compared to past in sometime. And will make things great for you. But make sure to be perfect and according to current industry standards.

Follow these steps given above and fix outdated visual design, fix poor visual design, fix typography, fix images and fix color scheme of your website.

How Important is Website Speed?

It’s a very important question now a days. As how important is website speed. It’s a important factor as how fast your website loads or how long your website takes to present itself to user.

How important is website speed?

Here both of them are two different terms. Website loading vs website presentation. As we know website loading here refers to complete loading of webpage. Which includes all scripts and style elements which are on that web page. While on other hand regarding to website presentation is basically critical parts or which are needed to present your website to a user.

Example of it could be taken as user opened your webpage as soon as he started seeing content on your website and getting engaged with it by reading. While on backend other content is still loading like interactive items and other non-critical stuff for webpage.

Above Fold Vs Presentation of Website

Here another important thing to understand is above fold content is which users sees as soon as he opens website without scrolling screen. While presentation of website here is related to whole webpage loading. Fastest method which could be used to deliver all important content on page to user. As compared to Above Fold in which we only refer to visible section of website.

Website Speed and its impression on user

Website speed has huge impression upon user. As now a days we are moving in a fast society. Where time is important for everyone. Most of users will wait for 2 or might be 3 seconds to get any response from your website. But if they don’t get any in those first few moments they will move to next. Maybe they find the product or info they are looking for in next. In which case you will lose a valuable customer or reader to your resource. That shows how important website speed is for you.

What user expects

Every user now a days expect a website to load as soon as they land on it. Due to fast internet and highly responsive hardware as compared to past. But still when due to some reasons your website is not able to deliver content that fast creates a hurdle in user’s mind. As that’s not what user expected when clicking upon your website’s link. So, delivering according to users’ expectation is very important in this fast-growing industry.

Slow websites and user behavior

Slow websites impact user’s behavior also. Think of yourself as running an ecommerce website. As user opened your website maybe you are providing a great product but your website didn’t load according to user’s expectation. He waited for couple of seconds and then he moved to next reviewed some other products of same kind. Came back to your website but during that all-time other products created haze in his mind. Now he’s not as focused upon your product as he was in first visit. So slow website killed a valuable customer of yours.

How slow website effect your business

In every industry returning customers matters. Same like that in websites returning users matters. Your website loaded once slow. A regular customer of your might ignore it. But if it did again and again same he might start looking for alternative. Competition is too high now a days in industry. So surely, he will find some alternative and will get bounded to it. Things like that could kill your business as online services are big part of businesses now a days.

Effect of slow website on Google Rank

Effect of website speed on Google Rank

Slow website really hurts google and other search engine ranks. As when user opens your website and it doesn’t load according to his expectations on time. In most cases he will leave it or will close it and will move to next one. As now a days google and other famous internet biggies track everything related to behavior of users. So, they will consider it as bounce or not user friendly. When this thing will happen again and again they will decline your position in their listings. As everyone wants to present best to their customers. Same is with all them as if you fail to produce they will replace you with your competitor.

In end we can say that in web services speed between 3 to 7 seconds is considered as fair. Less then that is great while greater then that is consider as bad. So, every website now a days requires optimization in such a way so they can deliver according to users and search engines requirements.

Why I need A Website

A very important question to search on is why I need website? Need of a website is not bounded to any big or small organization. Anyone willing to expand his signature or business needs a website to promote it. In this age of technology everyone seems to use mobile devices and desktops. Having a website can help you to reach most of them.

Your Business Web

Business website is helpful in promotion of business. Not every brand is a big brand but it can achieve big results by having a good website. As it’s a well-known fact that a reader will distracted by the readable content. So, if you have a good designed user-friendly website. There would be a huge impact of it on your business in its expansion and promotion.

Small Business Vs Big Business

Most of people think about it as if they need a web site if their business is small. The Fact is having a good website is more attracted to a small business. Because for a big business they will already have a name in market but for a small business with a good website they can compete. A well designed and developed website can help a small business to grow faster as compared to their other competitors. More the user interactions would be more the leads.

Here it doesn’t mean that you need a website only if your business is small. For all range of business website is a common way of branding. It enhances your interaction with public and promotion of services. A well designed and developed site is perfect for all small, medium and big businesses.

Personal or Organizational Website

As we all know websites are not limited to only business websites. Everyone wiling to promote anything or willing to have his signature on internet could have a website. As website is your signature to internet whatever you are promoting. No matter if its your business, a free cause, your personal profile, an organization or anything you are willing to share. Website would be helpful in it.

Importance of website

Today around 40% of world population have internet. Which is around 3.8 billion. Which means if you have a well-designed user-friendly website. Then you can interact a wide range of users among those 3.8 billion users. Not bounded to international market only you can focus on local market also and promote your business in your local market. In fact, in every way a website is beneficial to you no matter if you are a business owner, an organization or getting it for personal. Having website is need of time.

So answer to question why i need website is quite simple. You need website because that’s the way to future for all business, individual, organization or anything else.