How Responsive Design Works

To understand how responsive design works first we need to understand what responsive is. Responsive is a layout which works perfectly for all platforms, Like Tablet, Mobile, Desktop. Including all major browsers. If a website works perfectly on all platforms then you can say its responsive.

Responsive Design

A responsive design as we read before is a design compatible with all major platforms. Its coding is done in such a way that its CSS (cascading stylesheet) is compatible with all platforms. It may look different on different platforms but at the end it will look clean except of getting messy. Plus, point of it would be as it will be easy to read.

Now next comes how responsive design works. For that we can say in responsive design first thing is an html meta tag. Which tells browsers that this design is responsive and viewable for following devices. Those devices could be identified by tag. Next its CSS is little different as compared to normal CSS. In its CSS we have different conditions applied based upon media sizes.

What happens next as when website gets opened it checks for dimensions of browser in which it is opened. Then based upon that it looks for CSS conditions and force those specific styles which are written for that specific layout or dimensions. In short, we can say it detects browser dimensions and makes itself viewable according to that. In that way we won’t have to design different version of websites for different devices but only that one version.

As it gets justified accordingly based upon devices. That’s the basic working of responsive design.

Importance of Responsive Design

Responsive design poses great importance now a day. As with growing number of mobile devices and decline in desktop usage responsive website is need of time. Currently mobile vs desktop viewer count is 50 50. As in some metrics 55% users use mobile devices for web browsing and 45% uses desktop. More in detail as number of users on mobile devices are greater then desktop but still desktop wins. As people spent more time on websites while browsing through desktop as compared to mobile.

In the end no matter its mobile or desktop that’s certain that responsive website is need of time. If we are not using responsive then surely, we are losing precious visitors. As nobody takes interest in ugly or hard to read content. Everyone looks for their comfort and responsive is way to comfort for web users.

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