How Important is Website Speed?

It’s a very important question now a days. As how important is website speed. It’s a important factor as how fast your website loads or how long your website takes to present itself to user.

How important is website speed?

Here both of them are two different terms. Website loading vs website presentation. As we know website loading here refers to complete loading of webpage. Which includes all scripts and style elements which are on that web page. While on other hand regarding to website presentation is basically critical parts or which are needed to present your website to a user.

Example of it could be taken as user opened your webpage as soon as he started seeing content on your website and getting engaged with it by reading. While on backend other content is still loading like interactive items and other non-critical stuff for webpage.

Above Fold Vs Presentation of Website

Here another important thing to understand is above fold content is which users sees as soon as he opens website without scrolling screen. While presentation of website here is related to whole webpage loading. Fastest method which could be used to deliver all important content on page to user. As compared to Above Fold in which we only refer to visible section of website.

Website Speed and its impression on user

Website speed has huge impression upon user. As now a days we are moving in a fast society. Where time is important for everyone. Most of users will wait for 2 or might be 3 seconds to get any response from your website. But if they don’t get any in those first few moments they will move to next. Maybe they find the product or info they are looking for in next. In which case you will lose a valuable customer or reader to your resource. That shows how important website speed is for you.

What user expects

Every user now a days expect a website to load as soon as they land on it. Due to fast internet and highly responsive hardware as compared to past. But still when due to some reasons your website is not able to deliver content that fast creates a hurdle in user’s mind. As that’s not what user expected when clicking upon your website’s link. So, delivering according to users’ expectation is very important in this fast-growing industry.

Slow websites and user behavior

Slow websites impact user’s behavior also. Think of yourself as running an ecommerce website. As user opened your website maybe you are providing a great product but your website didn’t load according to user’s expectation. He waited for couple of seconds and then he moved to next reviewed some other products of same kind. Came back to your website but during that all-time other products created haze in his mind. Now he’s not as focused upon your product as he was in first visit. So slow website killed a valuable customer of yours.

How slow website effect your business

In every industry returning customers matters. Same like that in websites returning users matters. Your website loaded once slow. A regular customer of your might ignore it. But if it did again and again same he might start looking for alternative. Competition is too high now a days in industry. So surely, he will find some alternative and will get bounded to it. Things like that could kill your business as online services are big part of businesses now a days.

Effect of slow website on Google Rank

Effect of website speed on Google Rank

Slow website really hurts google and other search engine ranks. As when user opens your website and it doesn’t load according to his expectations on time. In most cases he will leave it or will close it and will move to next one. As now a days google and other famous internet biggies track everything related to behavior of users. So, they will consider it as bounce or not user friendly. When this thing will happen again and again they will decline your position in their listings. As everyone wants to present best to their customers. Same is with all them as if you fail to produce they will replace you with your competitor.

In end we can say that in web services speed between 3 to 7 seconds is considered as fair. Less then that is great while greater then that is consider as bad. So, every website now a days requires optimization in such a way so they can deliver according to users and search engines requirements.

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