Psychology Of Color In Web Designing

Color influenced mind reaction while view websites. Studies also proves that psychology of color influence our mood. As when we view on color, eye send signal to hypothalamus (part of brain). Hypothalamus further send this signal to pituitary gland and to thyroid gland. In this way our mood influenced by color. As psychology of color in web designing matters.

Web designer used color have potential to impress viewers in designing websites to make website more impact. Studies also shows color psychology influenced  individual’s perception. In website designing it’s not the color that make impact but it’s about how appropriate color used in website designing. So, web designer must have a knowledge how color works and how they impact on viewers.

Meaning Of Colors in Web designing

Psychology of color in web designing
Each color has different meaning as well as meaning of each vary from culture to culture. In order to avoid misunderstanding website designer understand the meaning of each color among different culture.


In western culture red color symbolize as danger, hot, blood. While in Asian culture red represented as fear, power, purity, love and beauty. In china red color symbolized as luck, happiness and long life. In website designing red color used to draw attention to critical element.


In western countries it is a masculine color and represent as the birth of a baby boy. Western people taken it as sign of sad and down. While in china represent as the birth of a baby girl. In web designing dark blue used in business designs. And light blue used in social websites.


It represents a sign of energy and warmth. In order to give an impression of happiness and cheerful view orange used. It also used for designing websites concerning children.


In western culture green is considered as a sign of money, greed, jealousy, inexperience. Asian culture considered green color as a symbol of new beginning, eternal life, youth, health and prosperity. In web designing green used to represent harmony and balance in a design. And darker shades of green color are used to represent stability and affluence.


In china yellow taken as a symbol of pornography. African people considered it as a high rank as it is closely match with a gold. In web designing used to give happiness and cheerful look to websites. To give a look of antiquity dark shades of yellow used in web designing.


Purple represent a symbol of dignity, abundance, creativity. To give luxury look to website dark shades of purple used. While light shades used to give romantic look to website.

Determining Color Schemes

Determining color schemes
Using colors in web designing web designer must have a knowledge about mixing of color which attract viewers and are appropriate in a particular culture. In order to know about this web designer must understand these three method. And used one of them while designing websites.


It is the basic method using colors vibrancy and complementation. In this method 12 step color wheel used and select 3 colors from wheel located 120 degrees from one another for background.


This method used 4 colors (2 contrasting pair and 2 complementary pair) from wheel. Contrasting color located near to each other while complementary color are located far from each other. But this method need experience for being perfect.


This method focuses only on complementary colors. The chosen color may exaggerate. And user will choose according to background color.

In web designing 3 sections have property to impress viewers if they are properly designed and use color that attract viewers.


Background color is the important part in designing. It has the property to either impress viewers or to give just a normal view. So, background needs more care and attention to choose color for making website impressive. As background color of any website is only a part that look first. If it properly chooses left the positive impact on viewers mind and get positive remarks.

Text Color

Use color of text that properly matched with background as well as prominent. As it’s text that attract users. If text color is mixed with background result to get negative feedback. That’s too important in psychology of color.


Button colors across the website blend with background color not in a sense to properly mixed with background but in such a way to serve their own purpose as well as also looks as a part of background:

Tools That Help To Choose Color

Tools for color
There are several tools that helps web designers to choose right color such as

  • Adobe Color CC: Trusted provider for all Adobe users.
  • Paletton: Simple color picker for beginners.
  • Flat UI Color Picker: For creating colorful flat design.
  • Mud cube Color Sphere: for theme selection and offer HEX numbers.


As we discussed psychology of color. Color play an important role in mind for making concept. So, the color used in website designing must match with the brand in this way making a good impact to viewers and get positive feedback. so, web designers must choose color according to the demand of brand or website for getting positive result. Contact us now for some consultation.

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